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August 22, 2013 by skylarkhousingcoop

We have a room/member vacancy from 4th September. If you are interested email some information about yourself to info[at]skylarkhousingcoop.org.uk and we may ask you round for tea

We currently have a 7 bedroom house in Bevendean, Brighton. It is an ex-council house that backs onto the Downs and has a large garden. We are a vegan/freegan house, non-smoking indoors, with 3 dogs and soon a chicken as well. Rent for the room is £334 a month, although there is also £10 a week kitty and £10 a week bills. We are a friendly bunch and tend to eat communally. The house still needs work so there is room to get stuck in. We would like to live with someone who doesn’t shy away from responsibility, and will muck in and take the initiative. We will prioritise activists, and our members include feminist campaigners and eco-activists. We work in libraries, rope access, care work and cafes. Many of us are creative and like drawing and making music. It’s not a party house but the structure isn’t very soundproof so you would need to be okay with hearing other people occasionally, and being aware of noise.

We are members of Radical Routes and that commits us to going to quarterly gatherings to represent our co-op. Living in a co-operative involves more work than a normal rental property. This includes keeping on top of our finances, attending regular house meetings, attending co-operative events, contributing to house work days, organising house work days etc, promoting co-ops etc. No one person has to do all of this, but you shouldn’t apply if you don’t have any time to commit to the day-to-day running of the co-op.

In the near future we hope to build a bike shed and work area, and a little guest house. In the longer term we plan on building an extension to give us more communal space as what we have is small.

We are an easy cycle to town or the bus stops round the corner from us.

Here is what we are looking for in a housemate:
– Someone who communicates honestly, openly, and respectfully.
– Someone who seeks responsibility and is prepared to muck in.
– Someone who has similar political views to us, especially a belief in
non-hierarchy, challenging power relations where ever they are, and
– Someone who we can be friends with, and has at least some similar
interests as us.
– Someone who wants to live communally.

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