House Extension: Excitement Brewing at Skylark

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November 7, 2016 by skylarkhousingcoop

Hello sweet readers,

As autumn has fallen and we are reminded of frosty fingers and parsnip soup, Skylark has been knee-deep in exciting developments: we have been cracking on with planning our house extension!

Although we love our home and find refuge in snuggling up to each other, it is a bit on the cozy side. Our current plans involve expanding our living area; installing solar panels; renovating our kitchen; introducing a dinning room; as well as increasing our living space upstairs. This all facilitate communal living and will allow us to host some groovy community events.

Along with more comfortable and productive space, the extension will help us work towards the longevity of Skylark and our commitment to sustainable, communal and affordable housing.

We are currently chatting with architects, building contractors, and local councillors. Soon, we will be talking with our proximate neighbours about our plans. In the mean time, we are stylizing some snazzy investors leaflets and packets to spread the Skylark glee as far as possible.

If you are interested in investing in our project, please do! In doing so, you will be making an ethical investment and supporting our continual commitment to provide a home for future generations of co-operators, without ever making a profit for landlords. Additionally, we provide you with an investor’s pack, full of comprehensive information on how your money will be put to good use.

Going forward, we will keep all of our loyal readers, fans and followers afloat with our developments. If you have any quarries/questions/wisdom/motivation/concerns, please feel free to shoot us an email.

sending big love from all the larks


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