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Why should I invest in Skylark?

You’ll be helping to provide affordable, secure housing in

Our Co-operative will continue to provide a home for future generations of co-operators, never making a profit for a landlord. (Read more about co-ops, and ours specifically in the ‘About us’ section.)

We’ll keep in touch, and you’ll always know where your money is invested.

How much can I invest?

You can choose to lend Skylark between £500 and £20,000.

You can choose to lend this for 5 years or for 10 years, which means that after that time you will get back the lump sum of what you invested + however much interest you opted for.

How much interest will I get?

You can choose your interest rate – either matching inflation, or at a fixed rate between 0% and 3%

When can I invest?

Now – We are looking to raise upwards of £40 000 worth of loan stock (the name we give to financial investments) in order to purchase the house next door.  This is an incredible opportunity for expanding our co-op, and will provide affordable, fully-mutual housing for up to 7 more people, doubling the size of our co-op and significantly increasing our communal space (which is currently lacking).

Read more about this at:

What exactly will my money go towards?

The following is a breakdown of how much we want to raise and what it will be spent on:

  • Purchasing the adjacent house (including cost of buying: legal fees, survey etc): £40 000 to cover our portion of the deposit (approx. 10% of the cost of the property)
  • Loft Conversion in the new house to create 2 new bedrooms and a shower room: £30 000
  • Building a timber-framed ’roundhouse’ in the garden between the two houses to use for meetings and community events: £20 000

If you’re interested in investing loanstock, please contact us: info[at]

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