Join Skylark!


Interested in joining Skylark? Here’s the process captured in a beautiful flowchart, which you can also download here.

Skylark membership process flowchart

Here’s our membership criteria. We’re looking for someone who:

– communicates honestly, openly, and respectfully.
– seeks responsibility and is prepared to muck in.
– has similar political views to us, especially a belief in non-hierarchy and challenging power relations wherever they are.
– we can be friends with, and has at least some similar interests as us.
– wants to live communally.
– has time and enthusiasm to commit to the co-op and to being involved in the Radical Routes network.
– is engaged/interested in radical social change.
– wants to live in a house with a vegan kitchen.
– is happy living with dogs.
– is queer-friendly.

This house isn’t suitable for young children, as there’s limited space and two reasonably large dogs!


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