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Skylark is a 7 bedroom house in Bevendean, Brighton, that backs onto the Downs and has a large garden. We are a 25 minute cycle to the centre of town and the 48 bus stops just around the corner from us.
Rent is £339 a month, plus £48 bills, and we each spend £10 a week on communal food and other necessities. We welcome those on benefits.  In the long term want to build a ’roundhouse’ in the garden to fuction as extra communal space for meeting and holding events, as what we have is small -especially when there are 7 people and 3 dogs in the living room!

Our co-op is our home and our project – we love getting stuck into the running of the co-op and we live more communally than a typical house-share. We cultivate a community feeling that’s warm and supportive, and we generally put a lot of effort into our relationships with each other.
Practically speaking, living at Skylark means committing to cooking for everyone once a week (and getting fed with no effort the other six evenings!), attending house meetings every three weeks and work days once a month, and participating in the weekly cleaning rota. Living in a co-operative involves more work than a normal rental property. This includes keeping on top of our finances, attending co-operative events, and organising or undertaking repairs and maintenance. No one person has to do all of this, but you shouldn’t apply if you don’t have any time to commit to the day-to-day running of the co-op. We try to be supportive of each other’s needs too and anti-ableist, acknowledging our varying abilities/energy levels for doing this work.

We are members of Radical Routes and that commits us to going to quarterly gatherings to represent our co-op.
Some of the ways that we spend time together include having fires in the garden, heckling Bake Off when it’s on, chats over tea, board games, mutual undercut shaving, sharing poo stories, naked sunbathing in the garden, dog walks, and the occasional rowdy pub trip.

– Some of us are trans, some of us are queer.
– Most are white. Not all of us are, and we are working to be anti-racist (currently workshopping Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad –  recommend).
– Some of us are disabled and we have an eye on accessibility and ableism.
– Most of us are in our 20s, some in our thirties, but we are hoping to increase our average age.
– We’d love to live inter-generationally.
– Our kitchen and communal foods are vegan. We are fat-positive. Not all of us are vegan. We don’t police each other’s food choices.
– Most of us are middle-class; not all of us are. We have done ‘Money and Class’ workshops to try to be transparent about our class backgrounds and our (in)access to wealth, and see this conversation as ongoing.
– Most of us have alternative sexual/romantic relationships and practices (e.g. non-monogamous, kinky, queer, sex-ambivalent, etc.)
– All of us are engaged in politically-engaged activism and we recognise that this can be enacted at home, in the streets, or at work; formal or informal,
organized or ordinary.
– We understand that systemic oppression effects people differently depending on race, class, age, gender, ability, sexuality etc.
– We work in care, trans sexuality research, gardening, sex and gender education, admin, and homelessness & substance misuse support.

MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA (who we are looking for):
We are looking for someone who:
– Communicates honestly, openly, and respectfully
– Seeks responsibility and is prepared to muck in
– Has time and enthusiasm to commit to the co-op and to being involved in
the Radical Routes network
– Is 26 or older
– Has similar political views to us, especially a belief in challenging power relations (non-hierarchy)
– Is engaged in/interested in radical social change
– We can be friends with, and has at least some similar interests as us
– Wants to live communally
– Wants to live in a house with a vegan-ish kitchen
– Is happy living with three dogs


There is a 20cm step to the front door. The front door is 79cm wide, the hallway is 90cm wide, internal doors are 71-75cm wide, and the back door to the garden is 59cm wide with a step down. There are 14 steps up to the first floor. Five of the bedrooms are downstairs and there is a downstairs toilet and shower. All communal space is downstairs.

The nearest bus stop is 100m away and goes through the centre of town to the train station.

We welcome applicants claiming Housing Benefit and other benefits.

The house is not very soundproof so we do hear each other a bit, and we have to be conscious of noise later on in the evening and at night.


Check out our Membership Criteria above and Joining Procedure here, and drop us an email on to tell us how you fit in with the membership criteria, a bit about yourself, and why you’d like to become a member.

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